First Hand Washing Week Celebration

Hand washing week was celebrated with the aim to increase awareness & practice of hand hygiene among hospital staff. 

This Hand washing week celebration is a part of staff engagement program & something that is different from their daily day activity. Healthcare providers participated in this 5 day program from 21st to 25th January 2019. The programme was inaugurated by Sreemat Swami Brahmatmanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of the hospital.

The programme was organized by our Infection Control Team. Participants have made posters on different aspects of hand-washing & hand hygiene steps & processes. We have also organized a panel discussion with consultants on how we can improve our hand washing practice in our daily day duty.

Hospital is a place which provides residential, curative & preventive treatment to the society. So there is a big chance of getting germs in healthcare providers as they are the closest person and are dealing with patients. In this situation germs are spread from one hand to another & that is one of the most common causes of Hospital Acquired Infection.

Hand Hygiene is the best way to prevent infections. However studies show that in average healthcare providers clean their hands less than half of the times they should. This contributes to Hospital Acquired Infection that affect 1 in 25 patient in any given day. That is how each and every patient becomes more prone to infection while they are being treated for something else & side by side healthcare providers also become susceptible infection. That is why healthcare providers should become more cautious about hand hygiene practices.

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